Scrap Gold Prices – The Best Value for Scrap Gold

How much is your Scrap Gold worth?

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The gold prices calculated here will always be higher than what you can get for scrap gold or cash for gold. Scrap gold prices are significantly lower for a number of reasons and the calculator here should be used as a guide to the current gold price. If you are looking for gold prices to sell your gold, you may be looking at 25%-75% of the actual current gold price. Happy prospecting!

With gold prices at an all time high, there has never been a better time to consider selling your unwanted gold items. Scrap gold prices are likely to fall over the next 5 to 10 years as the economy recovers from the 2008 recession and the EU financial crisis; prices may still rise but this ‘honeymoon’ period for gold prices will not last forever.

Ethical Gold Dealing

Unfortunately the high price of gold can have tragic consequences. Low paid gold miners in poorer countries often have their lives put in danger when mining for gold; by selling scrap gold at the right price you are able to recycle gold in a way that does not harm society. Cash for gold companies will melt down your scrap gold and reuse this precious metal; potentially saving lives and earning you money!

Cash for your unwanted Gold

Cash for gold schemes are often the fastest way to secure cash without any need for expensive gold valuations or price haggling. In just a few clicks you can receive an accurate quote for your scrap gold and payment can be sent within days. Scrap gold prices can be difficult to predict, but right now prices are at an all time high and so it makes a lot of sense sell to a reliable gold dealer.

How much can I earn from Scrap Gold?

Gold prices have been, and always will fluctuate a lot. However the answer to finding out the price of gold is a very simple one – visit a gold dealer website and find out in seconds! Gold dealers often pay around 80% to 90% of the real value of your scrap gold; you may not like the idea of being slightly underpaid but the convenience and speed of liquidating your scrap gold makes selling scrap gold very worthwhile!

The purest (and most expensive) form of gold is 24 karat gold. You may have heard of a ‘karat’ before; this is simply a measure of the purity of gold. However pure gold is incredibly malleable and is therefore rarely used in jewellery. 24 karat gold is most commonly found in gold bullion bars and the gold bullion price is (unfortunately) a lot more than you can expect for your scrap gold! Gold can be mixed with copper and silver to form an alloy that increases its strength and makes it suitable for jewellery. The purity of gold (karat) works like this:

1 part gold to 23 parts copper = 1 karat gold
2 parts gold to 22 parts copper = 2 karat gold
24 parts gold to 0 parts copper = 24 karat gold

The price of scrap gold is around £30.00 per gram which is just over £850.00 per ounce! Use our scrap gold calculator to find the current value of your gold jewellery. The sterling price of gold is very favourable at the moment and there is a big opportunity to make quick money from selling your scrap gold.

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