Scrap Gold Calculator for Grams & Troy Ounces

While the gold price here may seem attractive, your scrap gold price will be a lot lower. However there is never an obligation to sell your scrap gold and so you only need to sell your gold if the price is exactly what you want. Happy prospecting!

Use the scrap gold calculator above to discover the value of your scrap gold. Simply weigh your items in either grams or troy ounces and check the hallmark of your jewellery to determine the gold carats. The scrap gold calculator will then use the latest gold prices to work out the value of your scrap gold in seconds! If you’re not sure how many gold carats are in your scrap gold then take a look at the hallmark chart to the right of the calculator.

All gold prices are calculated and displayed in pound sterling. To embed and use this scrap gold calculator on your own website or blog, simply copy and paste the iframe code below into the HMTL editor of your website.

Scrap Gold Calculator Embed Code

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